Evaluating Binary Options Signals & Alerts

Binary Options Signals & Alerts

Binary options signals are basically alerts or indicators of future market trends of specific assets.They are made available by brokers through accurate and well calculated algorithms and are sent to traders via SMS, email or even on online trading platforms. It is quite obvious that these signals are much useful to novice traders as it does the hard task of analysing market trends of specific assets and predicting a direction for them. However, the question which comes to mind is whether these automated analytics are indeed reliable or not. Let’s find out.


The efficiency of trading signals are definitely much debated over with providers claiming the accuracy level of their signals to be practically infallible while many traders complain about not being able to meet the desired results. To further dig into the matter, we need to understand how they are really generated.

Binary signals are generated by a software designed to analyse market fluctuations in detail using high end calculated algorithms. It is deemed that these automated analytics are much accurate and most of the time provide the right predictions.However, the thing is that after all, it is computer generated and staking money based on a computer generated analysis isn’t much fun to do. Obviously it is risky as markets are highly volatile and trends can unexpectedly change in the event of unapprehended global events.

What’s the use then?

Well,nevertheless they are of significant use.They can serve as a cross checking tool or even the ultimate tool for beginners. Analytics could be wrong on some occassion but for the rest of the time, it’s really worth it. To demarcate the positive side of trading signals from the negative one, here is a list of pros and cons which should help


  • Mostly accurate as claimed by brokers and traders.
  • Signals and analytics are just one click away. Every trader can take recourse to these easily, thus saving time.
  • No need to have technical or in-depth knowledge about markets and assets to use the software. It does it all.
  • No need to research and analyse latest market trends before placing a trade.


  • You may get carried away by consecutive wins and may tend to neglect whatever happens on markets and globally. In cases of high volatility, you could lose considerable amount of money.
  • A lot of scam brokers out there use it a means to make money.
  • It is computer generated, thus may be subject to some bugs.


Definitely, as there are lots of unreliable signal providers on the market, there are also genuine ones who cater to provide really credible and accurate signals. Question is how to fine select the best ones? It’s not that hard.

  • Testing the signals
    Before using signals provided by brokers directly to trade, it is always important that you ask for a free trial as far as possible so as to test their performance. One should evaluate the accuracy of particular softwares and success rates attached with them. This is the way you could optimise the number of your winning trades, whatever be your level as a trader.
  • What if testing is not possible?
    If testing is not possible it is always wise enough to contact the provider and request for results, credits, awards or proofs of accuracy and credibility. The best ones will definitely have something to showcase. So do not hesitate to take the leap.
  • Reviews
    Almost every broker provides trading signal services. And lots of traders use them. It goes without saying that reviews about those brokers and the signals also swarm the internet. These reviews can be of great help. It is good to know about the service and all the terms and conditions attached with it, at different brokers. Users as well as reviewer websites, provide good insight about signal providers and the service itself.

Closing Line

Again, signals are very practical to use and beneficial too. However, one should not only bank on it alone. It is always good to be able to carry out analysis on your own too. Learning never ends and so, whether you are a novice or a pro trader, get a grip on the markets, the strategies and use signals provided by BinaryOnline to back your predictions. You’ll come out a winner.