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BinaryOnline is a brokerage company specialising in binary options trading.They provide a web-based platform for trading over 200 assets across currencies, commodities, indices and stocks. To allow traders to make trades using strategies of different complexities and time frames. They also offer a comprehensive suite of 10 trading tools with payout percentages of up to 85%.

The Trading Platform

With cutting edge tools like 60 Seconds, One Touch and Pairs, our platform is unparalleled in the binary option industry. It offers a superior trading experience with an intuitive design and features that empower traders including market analyzers such as Bollinger Bands, RSI and Moving Average.

For example, with Classic Binary Options, it is possible for traders to make a trade with an investment amount as low as $25. To inform your trades, you can also carry out chart analyses in seconds using our market analyzer features.

To deliver a secure trading experience, our website is equipped with the latest firewall and encryption technologies. Notice the padlock icon on your internet browser. When locked, this icon indicates that the website is running in a secure mode and data exchanges are private.

How to Trade Binary Options

Making a trade on our platform is a simple 4-step process.

  1. Choose an asset to trade with.
  2. Choose an Expiry Time.
  3. Choose an investment amount.
  4. Predict the future direction of the asset.

Depending on the trading tool you choose, the steps above may vary slightly but this is the general gist.

Trading Smartly

Traders fall under two general categories: Those who strategize and those who wing it. To trade smartly, you need to use sound financial knowledge and technical know-how to inform your trades. To turn our customers into knowledgeable traders, we provide 3 different educational resources.

1. Winners Corner
Winners Corner is a collection of how-to guides and other general information aimed at helping you find your way around the financial market.

2.Trader’s Arena
This is an exclusive online space where traders can access the latest market news and insights including Trading Signals and an Economic Calendar.

3.Binary Insight
Binary Insight is a depository of useful information including market summaries, videos and chart analyses.

Why Trade Binary Options?

In binary options, the payout depends entirely on the direction of the underlying asset. This means that the actual price value of the asset has no relevance and you have no further investment decisions to make.

This is the main advantage of trading with binary options over more conventional options. The other standout feature is the fact that the payout amount is fixed. When a binary option expires, a trader either receives a predetermined payout percentage (usually 85%) or nothing at all. This means that you always know your reward and the associated risk.

Other advantages of trading binary options:

– The investment amount can be as low as $5 for tools like 60 Seconds.
– The payout percentage can go up to 1000% for tools like Ladder.
– Free trading education is widely available on our website and over the web.
– Binary options are simple to trade because no actual assets are ever bought or sold.
– Binary option trades can last any length of time, ranging from 60 seconds to a year.


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