Traders TV

Binaryonline’s Traders TV brings you the right dose of information, tips and advice you need for your day to day trades. Our news hosts deliver you fresh news, trading tips and key takeaways from market analysis in the most comprehensible manner.

Through the Traders TV, BinaryOnline, provides information of three different categories.

  1. The Market Review category aims mainly at providing a detailed insight on the most important event on the markets for the day. Opportunities arising from such events are elaborated upon too.

  2. The Trading Tips section provides advice on which asset to rade for the day and why. In a quick round you’ll get to know which factors are affecting which asset the most and why.

  3. The Tactics and Analytics takes you to discovering the trends of specific assets on charts and is mostly dedicated to technical analysis.

How to use the Traders TV properly?

It is the simplest thing a trader could do to back could do to back his or her trades on a daily basis. It takes not more than 15-20 minutes to watch the three small videos daily and take all the precious advices to trade accordingly.

Why the Traders TV?

It saves you from time consuming market analysis daily. You do not have to spare the time comparing market news with what you find on charts. All is done by our experts and the most important bits are condensed in the Traders TV for you.

Feeling ready to trade the markets?