TradeReplica is a new tool on our trading platform. It allows customers to conquer the markets by following the best traders on the platform and opening the same positions as them. The tool adds an attractive twist to trading and minimises the need for market analysis.

Tool Specifications

Minimum investment
amount: $50

Maximum investment
amount: $3000

Expiry time:
1 day to 1 year

Trades are automatically copied to your account

Tradable assets: Currencies, Commodities, Indices, Stocks

How It Works

When it comes to binary options, there are traders who find their way to trading success and generate thousands of dollars. With TradeReplica, you can now conquer the markets by following these traders to earn returns. After all, how many times did you come across the stats or portfolio of a trader and thought “I wish I could trade like that.” With this trading tool, it becomes possible to do just that.

It is a simple, easy and transparent tool that you can use to harness the wisdom of the best traders. Just allocate a fraction of your funds to follow a trader and you can watch as trades are automatically replicated on your account.

This tool is particularly suited for traders who want to earn some extra money but have no time or inclination to study chart patterns, geopolitical news events and dozens of financial assets. With this tool, you can now squeeze in some profitable trading in your spare time.

How To Use The Tool?

It is the eighth tool on the trading platform toolbar. To use the tool, log in to your account and find TradeReplica.

At first glance, you will see that this tool does not have much in common with the others. For instance, there are no complicated charts in view. Instead, there is a list of Top Traders that you can sort based on their preferred tradable asset. The tool also displays the trading statistics and portfolio details of the top traders including their rank, total earnings, success rate, number of followers and number of open positions.

To use the tool, follow the steps below:

Spot the best performing traders on your preferred market or cross-asset traders trading multiple assets.

Choose a Follow Period ranging from a day to a year during which the tool will replicate trades for you.

Choose an Investment Limit of $50 to $3000 or opt for No Limit follow to copy all trades of the trader.

Click Follow. This opens a popup window. Confirm the details of your follow settings and click Apply.

Key features

TradeReplica has many features that gives traders what they need to conquer markets.

Market Analysis

With this trading tool, you can access the financial markets with little to no trading knowledge and experience.


The tool mimics the investment moves of “professionals” and requires very little effort and time on your part.


You retain full control over your trading account and you can stop following a trader at any time.

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