Visit the website of any brokerage company and you will see top traders making hundreds of thousands of dollars. With TradeReplica, you can now conquer markets by copying these top traders to generate returns.

What is TradeReplica?

A new tool on the BinaryOnline trading platform promising a combination of potential high returns and independence, TradeReplica adds an attractive twist to trading. After all, how many times did you come across the stats or portfolio of a trader and thought “I wish I could trade like that.” With this trading tool, it becomes possible to do just that by replicating the trades of top performing traders.

This makes TradeReplica a simple, easy and transparent tool that you can use to harness the wisdom of the best traders and conquer markets. Just allocate a fraction of your funds to copying a trader and you can watch as trades are automatically replicated on your account. This tool is particularly suited for traders who want to earn some extra money but they have no time or inclination to study financial markets and keep up with world news.

Where to Find TradeReplica?

TradeReplica is the newest addition to BinaryOnline’s comprehensive list of trading tools. To find the tool, head to the trading platform by clicking on the corresponding option in the top menu section. This will direct you to the trading platform. TradeReplica is the 8th tool in the toolbar, positioned between Option Builder and Limits.

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How does it Work?

To use TradeReplica and search for top traders,you need a funded and compliant account. To create an account, fill out a form and use one of the available payment methods to fund it.

To copy our best traders and trade like them:

1. Find TradeReplica on the trading platform

The tool displays BinaryOnline’s top traders based on asset class and their ranking. As a trader, you can choose to follow experts who trade specific assets or you can follow a cross-asset trader who actively trades more than one asset class, also called multi-asset trading.

2. Filter the traders

TradeReplica also displays the trading stats and portfolio details of top traders including their success rate. A trader with a success rate of 100% implies that all of his or her trades were In-The-Money.

3. Follow their trades

Once you’ve found the trader or traders you want to replicate, follow their trades by specifying:

  1. The follow period – The available follow period ranges from 1 day to 1 year.
  2. The investment per trade – The minimum investment amount is $50 and the maximum is $3000
  3. The investment limit – Choose an investment limit from $50 to $3000 or you can choose to go with No Limit.

Note that if you choose to go with No Limit as your follow setting, the tool will copy all of the currently open trades of the copied trader, including their investment amount. However, with TradeReplica, investors also retain full control over their account because at any point in time, you can stop copying a trader.

The Perks of Replicating Traders

The general idea of copy trading and its advantages appeal to many people including the younger generation and parents who hope to squeeze in some profitable trading between school runs. The top perks of TradeReplica include:

  1. You can cash in without any knowledge about markets.
  2. You can mimic the investment moves of “professionals”.
  3. It requires very little effort and investment of time from your part.
  4. You retain full control over your trading account.
Get more information on how to use TradeReplica by downloading our Complete Guide to TradeReplica

To try our new TradeReplica tool, head to the BinaryOnline platform and let the best traders do the work for you!

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