Long Term Trading

Long Term is a trading tool on our platform with a very interesting characteristic feature – it allows expiry times of up to 1 year. Taking a long-term approach to trading has quite a bit of merit to it because it allows traders to strategize and capitalise on a few good trends and trading opportunities.

Tool Specifications

Minimum investment
amount: $25

Maximum investment
amount: $2500

Expiry time:1 day to 1 year.

Tradable assets: Currencies, Commodities, Indices and Stocks.

Potential payout percentage:
Up to 75%

How It Works

Long Term is one of the few tools on our trading platform that allows for long term trades. The tool is particularly suited for people who prefer a more puzzle-solving approach to trading than getting in and out of the markets quickly.

The biggest appeal of long-term trading is perhaps the ability to remove a lot of the noise in the financial market to focus on a few good trends and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. It also removes the need to find new trading opportunities every day, making trading less time-consuming and stressful.

For example, let’s say UniCredit is trading at 13.735 on 12.01.17 at 11:00 GMT. A trader thinks that the banking company will do well over the coming months and decides to place a Call option on the asset with the Expiry Time set to 31.05.17 at 14:20 GMT. The potential payout percentage is 75% and the investment amount is $150.

If on May 31, UniCredit is trading above 13.735 at Expiry Time, the trade is In-The-Money and the trader earns a payout of $262.50. On the other hand, if the price of the asset is spotted at, for instance, 13.734, the trade is Out-of-the-Money and the trader loses his or her initial investment.

How To Use The Tool?

To use the trading tool, log in to your trading account and head to our Trading Platform. Once there, locate Long Term on the toolbar. Then follow the steps below:


Choose an underlying asset from stocks, currencies, commodities and indices.


Choose an Expiry Time. This can be as short as a day or as long as a year.


Choose an investment amount of minimum $25 and maximum $2500


Place a Call option if you think the price of the asset will rise by Expiry Time or place a Put option if you think the price will fall.


Click Apply on the Trade Approval window.

Key features

Expiry Times
The Long Term trading tool proposes expiry times of up to 1 year.

Less Work
Once you place a trade, you have nothing to do until Expiry Time. The tool allows for a less time-consuming trading style.

No Stress
Long term trading allows traders to invest strategically. This makes it possible to take a step back and see the bigger picture.

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