Long Term Trading

If you have a sound understanding of binary options and you are up for a challenge, the Long Term Options trading tool is the one for you. BinaryOnline has implemented this tool on its platform for traders who prefer long-term strategies.

What makes it different?

The Long Term options tool is the only tool on the BinaryOnline platform that features expiry times of up to 1 year. Due to its long-term characteristic, this tool allows traders to have a wider perspective of the financial market as they don’t need to focus on the short-term performance of the assets they chose to trade. Moreover, once a transaction is placed, there is nothing more for the trader to do but monitor the financial markets.

How does Long Term Trading work?

The Long Term trading option tool requires traders to make long-term predictions on the performance of an asset; therefore, a prior analysis of the market is essential. This is the only challenge of this tool, staying updated with current market events and trends over the period of the trade. However, in order to further help its traders, BinaryOnline publishes daily market analysis reports.

Why Long Term Options?

  • Long Term trading gives traders something coveted by all, which is time. Having a longer expiry time gives traders the opportunity to make more considered decisions.
  • It is a hassle-free tool. While using Long Term trading options a trader does not have to constantly monitor market fluctuations due to its longer expiry times.
  • The minimum investment for using this tool is only $25, while it guarantees a payout that can reach up to 75%.

How to trade Long Term Options with BinaryOnline?

  • In order to trade Long Term Options with BinaryOnline, you need to possess a valid trading account on the platform.
  • In case you do not have an account, create one here and proceed with the following steps.
  • Once your account is funded and ready to be used, go on BinaryOnline’s homepage, click on “TRADING PLATFORM” and select the “LONG TERM” feature available on the trading platform.
  • Next, you need to choose an asset pair, an expiry time and an investment amount.
  • The last step is to decide between the “Put” or “Call” option and click “APPLY”.
  • Once this is done, you have to monitor your trade via the Open Position feature.
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