Limits Trading

Limits is the ninth tool on our trading platform. It allows traders to set “limits” against the current Market Rate and determine their own Target Rate. The asset only needs to touch the Target Rate, set by the trader, once before the Expiry Time for the trade to be profitable.

Tool Specifications

Minimum investment
amount: $25

Maximum investment
amount: $2500

Expiry time:
15 minutes to 13 hours

Tradable assets: Currencies, Indices, Stocks and Commodities

Potential payout percentage:
Up to 85%

How It Works

With the Limits tool, traders are given the opportunity to be In-The-Money by setting a Target Rate for an underlying asset. What this means is traders place a trade based on the current Market Rate of a chosen asset and study the movement of the asset. From this information, they decide whether the future price of the asset will rise or fall and a Target Rate is set, which can be higher or lower than the current Market Rate.

To trade with this tool, traders need to make 3 decisions. They need to choose an asset and an expiry time within the 15 minutes to 13 hours range. Next, they need to choose an investment amount, which determines the potential payout. Once these factors and the Target Rate have been established, the profitability of the trade depends on the behavior of the asset and whether the asset touches the set Target Rate of the trader, at least once, before the Expiry Time. As such, traders can earn payouts ahead of the Expiry Time.

Let’s understand this better with an example. Say you place a trade on Gold, and the current market rate is 1213.775 at 10:15 am. Speculating that the price of Gold will rise in the next 30 minutes, you set an Expiry Time of 10:45 am and choose $1,000 as your investment amount. With a potential payout of 78% or $1,780, you choose a Target Rate of 1214.047 and decide on CALL. If the price of Gold touches 1214.047 before 10:45 am, you finish In-The-Money.

How To Use The Tool?

To trade with Limits, log in to your account and head to the Trading Platform. It is the ninth tool on the toolbar. Then follow the steps below:


Choose an underlying asset. Limits can be used to trade Currencies, Indices and Commodities.


Choose an investment amount. The minimum investment amount is $25


Study the assest’s price movement and set a strike rate to be hit by the Expiry Time.


Click Apply on the Trade Approval window.

Key features

Limits is an interesting and accessible trading tool. Its key features of interest include:

This tool allows traders to set a Target Rate of their choice.

Early Payouts
With the Limits trading tool, traders can earn payouts ahead of time, as long as the price of the asset touches the anticipated Target Rate.

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