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The Limits trading tool is a very interesting tool offered by BinaryOnline. Traders can make profits before the limited expiry time while using this trading tool. This tool gives traders a lot of options as all the four assets categories are available for trading. In addition, a trader can decide their preferred payout amount

What makes it different?

The Limits trading tool is one of the newest tools on the BinaryOnline trading platform. What makes this trading tool different from all the other tools is the fact that traders can generate profits before the predetermined expiry time and traders can have the results of the trade before the trade time is up by choosing the payout themselves.

How does Limits Trading work?

The Limits trading tool allows traders to choose from a variety of assets—currencies, commodities, indices and stocks. Furthermore, traders have the opportunity to choose the payout amount which yields to the potential profit percentage, visible on the trading platform itself.

This tool requires that traders are fully aware of the ups and downs of the market. Traders need to observe how the price of their chosen asset has been fluctuating over recent times. Ideally, traders should have extensive knowledge of the asset of their choice and then place trades accordingly.

Why Limits Trading Tool?

  • The relatively low capital investment required to trade makes it accessible to all traders, especially beginners who wish to try the tool.
  • With the Limits Trading Tool, traders can place trades on any asset, as the platform offers a wide range of assets to trade.
  • By analysing the live platform, traders get an overview on how the asset has been fluctuating on the market. Based on this, they are in a position to better speculate and make profitable trades.
  • This tools gives traders the option to choose the payout and profit amount, unlike most other tools.

How to trade with Limits?

  • In order to trade using the Limits Trading tool, you need to possess a valid trading account on the platform.
  • In case you do not have an account, create one here and proceed with the following steps.
  • Once your account is funded and ready to be used, go on BinaryOnline’s homepage, click on “TRADING PLATFORM” and select the “LIMITS” feature available on the trading platform.
  • Next, you need to choose an asset, an expiry time and an investment amount which ranges from a minimum of $25 to $2500.
  • The last step is to decide the payout amount and profit potential and click the “ABOVE” or “BELOW” option accordingly, within the limited expiry time. Finally, click “APPLY”.
  • Once this is done, you have to monitor your trade via the Open Position feature.
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