Ladder Trading

Ladder is the fourth tool on our trading platform. It allows traders to make five predictions about the price movements of an underlying asset. As the asset moves through the predetermined price levels, the trader locks in earnings.

Tool Specifications

Minimum investment
amount: $25

Maximum investment
amount: $500

Expiry time:
15 minutes to 9 hours

Tradable assets: Currencies, Commodities, Indices and Stocks.

Potential payout percentage:
Up to 1000%

How It Works

Ladder is a trading tool with one of the highest potential payout percentages. It also allows traders to make multiple predictions about the price movements of an underlying asset. As the asset moves through the different price levels or “rungs of the ladder”, the trader locks in gains and some returns even if the underlying asset later moves in a direction different than originally anticipated.

The most lucrative trade happens when the underlying asset moves through the price levels anticipated like the steps of a ladder. For example, consider a ladder call option with EUR/USD as the underlying asset. The asset’s current market level is 1.0544 at 11:47 GMT. The trader chooses the following 5 Strike Prices and Expiry Times:

  • Strike Price 1: 1.0545 at 12:00 GMT (Profit %- 42%)
  • Strike Price 3: 1.0548 at 12:30 GMT (Profit %- 124%)
  • Strike Price 5: 1.0555 at 13:00 GMT (Profit %- 430%)
  • Strike Price 2: 1.0547 at 12:15 GMT (Profit %- 78%)
  • Strike Price 4: 1.0551 at 12:45 GMT (Profit %- 215%)

If EUR/USD is trading at or above 1.0545 at 12:00 GMT, the trader earns the first payout of 42%. Similarly, at 12:15 GMT and 12:30 GMT, EUR/USD must be trading at or above 1.0547 and 1.0548, respectively, for the trader to earn the corresponding payouts of 78% and 124%.

In the example above, if a trader correctly predicts the price movement of the asset through all 5 Strike Levels, a total payout of 889% is earned.

How To Use The Tool?

To use the Ladder trading tool on the platform, log in to your account and head to the Trading Platform. Ladder is the fourth tool on the toolbar. Then follow the steps below:


Choose an underlying asset from stocks, currencies, commodities and indices.


Choose an Expiry Time. On the platform, this is a pulldown menu.


Choose an investment amount. The minimum amount is $25.


Place a Call option if you think the price of the asset will rise by Expiry Time or place a Put option if you think the price will fall.


Click Apply on the Trade Approval window.

Key features

Our Ladder trading tool has features that give you what you need to generate returns.

Potential Payout
Ladder trading generates potential payouts of up to 1000%.

Risk Levels
The tool gives traders the opportunity to manage risk levels.

Strike Prices
Traders make several predictions about the same asset for improved chances of being In-The-Money.

Expiry Times
Traders also choose between various Expiry Times for an abundance of ROI rates.

Trading Experience
Ladder trading relatively direct and provides a realistic trading experience.

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