Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday!

BinaryOnline wishes to notify its traders around the world that on Monday 16th of January 2017, they will not be able to trade U.S. based assets such as the NYSE and the NASDAQ among others, due to Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations. Besides, on this day, Soft Commodities like Sugar, Wheat and Rice among others will not be available. However, traders will be able to trade Hard Commodities such as Gold, Crude oil, Copper and many others until 20:00 GMT only.

Traders are also advised that assets such as the S&P 500, the Dow Jones, the Nikkei 225 and the NASDAQ 100 will close at 20:00 GMT on this date. However, note that Brent crude oil, FTSE and GSOIL will be available at normal trading hours.

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