U.S. warns Syria over chemical attack

The White House warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over “potential preparations for another chemical attack” on Monday. The U.S. stated that these preparations were similar to a chemical attack in April that killed dozens of Syrians and prompted Trump to order a strike against a Syrian air base. Amid these tensions in the U.S., the Fed Chair Janet Yellen is due to deliver a speech at 17:00 GMT today. Investors need to watch this event closely as the U.S. dollar could be impacted.

source: BBC News, Reuters

The European Central Bank President Mario Draghi is set to deliver a speech today at 08:00 GMT, and his comments could influence trend of the euro. According to him, Europe’s growing inequality is highly destabilizing and needs to be handled. Elsewhere, on the commodity market, oil edged up earlier today. The U.S. West Texas Intermediate was quoted at $43.50 per barrel, up by 0.3 percent, while the international benchmark, brent crude was trading at $45.97 per barrel, up by 14 cents.

Other economic events held in the U.S. today are speeches by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) member due at 08:05 GMT and 15:15 GMT. CB Consumer Confidence for June is due to be released at 14:00 GMT and this report plays a major role in the overall economic activity and can impact U.S. assets.

Technical Analysis



In yesterday’s early trading session, it was seen picking up momentum on the forex market. However, it started tumbling later during the day as it traded at $0.75894 around 18:00 UTC to close this bearish trend by 22:00 UTC at $0.75808. The AUD/USD pair was last quoted on a bullish candle at $0.75979 at 03:00 UTC today. The Reserve Bank of Australia Assistant Governor Debelle is set to deliver a speech at 08:30 UTC today, watch out for this opportunity.



The EUR/GBP pair started off this week on a much volatile trend and it was seen recording pullbacks as from 13:00 UTC to end this downtrend by 16:00 UTC at the 0.87929 level. It even closed its session on a bearish not at the 0.87886 level at 23:00 UTC on Monday. It is seen fluctuating in today’s early trading hours; consider using the Classic Digital Options for this asset as it may continue this trend later during the day.



The USD/JPY pair traded remarkably yesterday as it moved to an uptrend throughout the day. It gained momentum as from 06:00 UTC and closed this bullish trend by 09:00 UTC at 111.683 yen, and even closed Monday’s session bullishly at 111.868 yen by 23:00 UTC. On Tuesday, it recorded a huge set of pullbacks as from 01:00 UTC as it traded at 111.964 yen to close this bearish trend by 05:00 UTC at 111.964 yen. It may fall further through the day, consider the Long Term tool for this one.

Things to watch on the market

Tip 1

Consider trading the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/RUB, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average as this index traded higher in yesterday’s session.


Tip 2

Assets such as the EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY and the EUR/AUD can be traded as these could be affected by event due in Europe.


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Wall Street indices should be traded once they are made available on our trading platform.