U.S. Quits Paris Accord

President Donald Trump communicated his decision on Thursday, stating that he would withdraw the Unites States from the landmark 2015 global agreement to fight climate change as this accord would “undermine the U.S. economy, cost U.S. jobs, and weaken American national sovereignty.” Leaders of countries like Italy, France and Germany regret this decision, stating how this agreement is important for the planet, societies and economies.

source: Reuters, BBC News

At least 36 bodies have been recovered in Manila casino after a gunman attacked the Philippine capital overnight. Most people died after suffocating in thick toxic smoke when the attacker set fire to casino tables. Meanwhile, on the markets, U.K. will be releasing its PMI data for the month of May at 08:30 GMT today and this may affect trends of the Pound Sterling and other U.K. assets in general.

Since the U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls for May releases today at 12:30 GMT, the U.S. job growth is expected to rise stronger this month. Last month, U.S. added 211,000 jobs. Elsewhere, Australia’s ASX 200 gained 0.92 percent on the stocks market earlier today. Ahead of jobs data, Asian indices edged up, with the Nikkei 225 rising by 1.83 percent, the Hang Seng index increasing by 0.41 percent and the Kospi adding 0.97 percent.

Technical Analysis



The AUD/USD pair was seen recording huge sets of pullbacks in yesterday’s session, however in the morning today, it started tumbling trading on a bearish trend around $0.73749. The pair dropped again as from 16:00 UTC on Thursday to reach its lowest level at $0.73739 by 20:00 UTC. The asset was seen much volatile in today’s early trading hours and is expected to maintain this trend, use the Limits Tool for this.



An analysis of the USD/JPY pair depicts an uptrend since yesterday as the asset was seen recording multiple bullish candles in its trading hours. Also, the currency pair gained momentum as from 19:00 UTC at the 111.306 level to end its session bullishly at the 111.443 level at 23:00 UTC. It added 0.22 percent at 111.62 yen around 00:00 UTC today. The asset may gradually fall as from 13:00 UTC today.



Today, the EUR/GBP pair initiated a bullish session at 00:00 UTC to follow an uptrend , reaching at 0.87131 level by 04:00 UTC. Changes in the price of either currencies may affect this asset on the foreign exchange market. The asset will experience a change in trend as from 19:00 UTC today according to the Ichimoku Cloud indicator. Consider trading this asset with any tool available on our platform.

Things to watch on the market

Tip 1

It is advisable to trade the international benchmark, Brent crude today as oil prices have been affected amid concerns of U.S. withdrawal from climate deal. The BRENT CRUDE OIL-APR16 is available on our platform.


Tip 2

The EUR/GBP, GBP/USD, and GBP/JPY pairs are available on the Long Term tool today, and it is also recommended to consider the FTSE MIB F-JUN16 index also for today.


Tip 3

Since the U.S. dollar reached a one-week high against the yen on Friday, traders can consider the USD/JPY with the Option Builder tool. Also consider Wall Street indices as they may match up with European indices which are seen trading to new record-highs today.