Twitter Shares Drop Heavily

Twitter Inc. failed to add monthly users in the second quarter, compared to its first quarter, amid competition from Facebook Inc. and Snapchat app. Twitter reported its average monthly active users in the three months ending June was 328 million. Shares of the social networking site fell 5 percent in pre-market trading on Thursday as analysts had expected its users to be at 328.8 million for this quarter. Earlier this year, Twitter suffered a setback as it lost to live stream NFL games to Amazon Inc. The company’s revenue fell by 4.7 percent to $573.9m as its losses widened because of the impairment charge. Today, ExxonMobil releases its earnings report for the second quarter ending June 2017.

source:BBC News, dailymail

The U.S. and Canada are set to report their GDP today, U.S. for its second quarter while Canada for May, both due at 12:30 GMT today. This report is an important indicator of the economy’s performance and thus deserves much attention. Meanwhile, the Central Bank of Russia will communicate its interest rate decision for the month of July earlier today at 10:30 GMT as the bank wants to achieve price stability. Figures from these countries could impact trend of their currencies, keep an eye.

Elsewhere, Amazon reported a revenue of $38 billion, compared to analysts’ expectations of $37.2 billion and a profit of $197 million in the three months to the end of June. The Seattle firm’s shares, however, fell by more than 3 percent in after-hours trading. Starbucks, on the other hand, said it would take full ownership of its China stores as it would buy the remaining 50 percent share of its East China business from its joint venture partners for $1.3 billion. China is Starbucks fastest-growing market outside the U.S.

Technical Analysis



The currency pair gained strength as it traded at the 1.46044 level around 11:00 UTC Thursday to record few pullbacks till 15:00 UTC at the 1.46427 level. In today’s session, it was quoted at a high level of 1.46782 around 03:00 UTC. However, it is seen trading with much volatility in the early trading hours. It may continue to fluctuate in the next few hours, consider using the Classic Digital Options for this one.



The GBP/JPY pair was quoted at its highest level at 146.522 yen at 12:00 UTC in yesterday’s session. However, it started losing value from the very next hour at 13:00 UTC to record a huge of pullbacks till 18:00 UTC at 145.211 yen. Today, the currency pair started off its session on a bearish note at the 145.090 level at 00:00 UTC. It could thus continue to follow this downtrend throughout the day, consider using the Long term tool to trade this one today.



The U.S. West Texas Intermediate recorded several momentary jumps as from 12:00 UTC at the $48.30 level to close this bullish trend by 17:00 UTC at the $49.06 level. It was quoted at a record high of $49.12 a barrel around 20:00 UTC on Thursday. The commodity however is seen moving more towards a downtrend in today’s session as it started tumbling as from 00:00 UTC to $48.87 a barrel by 03:00 UTC. It may continue to fall in the upcoming trading hours, keep a close watch.

Things to watch on the market

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