iPhone X or iPhone 8

Apple suffers from a major leak and iPhone X is rumored Apple’s latest iPhone name which is set to be launched on Tuesday at the company’s multibillion-dollar new headquarters. The phone is alleged to be priced at close to $1,000 and reportedly, the other new phones would be called iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. This new iPhone launch also marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple’s most successful product. One company watcher stated that this leak had lost some of its power to surprise but is was unlikely to affect sales or interest in Apple’s new devices.

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China, the world’s biggest vehicle market is preparing to put the brakes on gasoline and China diesel cars as it plans to ban the production and sale of these vehicles. The Chinese government is following the footsteps of countries like India, France, Britain and Norway, which are already in favor of electric vehicles in the coming years. In June, the government introduced a draft regulation to compel carmakers to produce more electrically powered vehicles by 2020. Last week, Ford and BMW revealed their new electric car and their next move.

Hurricane Irma continues to cause damage on the west coast of Florida, with dangerous flooding along stretch of coast. At least 28 people were killed and more than 3.4 million homes in the state the state of being without power, and parts of the city of Miami are under water. Meanwhile, Canada Housing Starts for the month of August is due at 12:15 GMT while Russia communicates its yearly GDP at 13:00 GMT. On the forex market, the U.S. dollar rebounded against other major currencies, recovering from its lowest levels of over 2 years.

Technical Analysis



The EUR/USD pair has been correcting ever since it made the highs for the year near the 1.2090 region and thus traded lower than this level. Since last Tuesday, it is seen tumbling on the forex market. Today, it started off on a negative note at 00:00 GMT at $1.20170 and shifted towards a much volatile trend later through the day. It could fluctuate further through the rest of today, use the Classic Digital Options for this one today.



The EUR/GBP pair was quoted at a record high at the 0.91955 level at 02:00 GMT on Friday, but it started losing value later around 09:00 GMT, dragged by huge sets of pullbacks to reach a low level of 0.91139 by 15:00 GMT. On Monday, the currency pair initiated its session on a positive note at 00:00 GMT and it is seen moving more towards an uptrend. It could shed off losses made on last week and move to new heights.



With Hurricane Irma lashing Florida, Home Depot and Thor industries, investors still look ahead to Tuesday’s Apple iPhone launch. Thus, the Nasdaq index was seen much volatile during the weekend and it could open bearish today. The S&P 500, however, is seen performing brilliantly in today’s early trade and was last quoted on a positive candle at 2475.4 points around 03:00 GMT. It could thus follow an uptrend through the day, this tool can be traded with the TradeReplica.

Things to watch on the market

Tip 1

It is advisable to trade on stocks of Apple which is all set to release its new phone tomorrow. Also consider the Nasdaq index, Apple vs Amazon and Apple vs Alphabet pairs.


Tip 2

Consider trading on stocks of BMW, Toyota and Tesla, along with the Nasdaq index as Tesla is a component of this wall street index.


Tip 3

In regards to today’s events, investors can trade on the USD/CAD, EUR/CAD, USD/RUB, EUR/RUB and the EUR/USD on the FX/CFD tool.