iPhone X Is A Beast

Apple released its new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and its £1,000 iPhone X – which is referred to as “ten” and uses a powerful new login system along with wireless charging. Apple’s high-end smartphone is creating much buzz over the internet as its “OLED display and the new design is likely to be standard on future iPhone models.” Apple ditched its Touch ID in favor of a facial recognition system powered by a new camera array and a specially modified A11 chip. The iPhone X uses the facial recognition to recognise its owner instead of the fingerprint-based one and Apple stated that the FaceID can work in the dark by using 30,000 infra-red dots to check an identity. iPhone X is far most the most expensive phone yet and it will be on sale as from 3 November.

source:The Verge, BBC News

The Australian and New Zealand dollars were a little changed against their U.S. counterpart on Wednesday after data releases. The AUD/USD pair was quoted at $0.8026 while the NZD/USD was seen at the 0.7290 level. Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia Debelle will deliver a speech at 22:15 GMT, this could impact the Aussie further. Meanwhile, events due in the U.K. today is the Average Earnings Index +Bonus for July and the Claimant Count Change for August, both set at 08:30 GMT today. These events deserve much attention as they can affect the trend of the pound sterling on the foreign exchange market.

Otherwise, North Korea has threatened the U.S., following the new sanctions imposed by the United Nations. As a result, North Korean hackers are trying to steal bitcoin and other virtual currencies to avoid sanctions. Bitcoin has surged in both price and popularity in 2017 and even reached an all-time high of $5,103 earlier this month. The U.S. will publish its PPI for August at 12:30 GMT, while the U.S. crude oil inventories is due at 14:30 GMT.

Technical Analysis



The EUR/AUD pair was quoted at a record high at the 1.49368 level at 01:00 GMT in Tuesday’s session, but it tumbled from the very next hour to record several pullbacks till 07:00 GMT. However, later at 15:00 GMT, it shed previous losses and followed an uptrend till 19:00 GMT at the 1.49231 level. It is expected to follow a bullish trend through today’s session and reach new heights, keep a close watch on this.



This currency pair started losing value as from 08:00 GMT in Tuesday’s session and this was followed by bearish candles through the day. Later around 16:00 GMT, it started tumbling again on the forex market, followed by a huge set of pullbacks to reach $0.80173 by 20:00 GMT and even ended its session on a negative note. Today, it tumbled again around 02:00 GMT and it could fall further, following previous sessions, use the Long Term tool.



Since the very beginning of this week, the GBP/JPY pair is seen trading positively on the forex market as it recorded several bullish candles. In yesterday’s session, the asset gained momentum in its early morning trade as from 05:00 GMT and successfully reached a record high of 146.558 yen by 22:00 GMT. Wednesday, it gained some strength as from 01:00 GMT and it could thus follow an uptrend through the day, use Ladder Trading for this one.

Things to watch on the market

Tip 1

Shares of Apple fell after it revealed its new phones but it could eventually rise in the upcoming days as the market reacts to these new innovations. Consider trading on its stocks, the Nasdaq index and the Apple vs Alphabet pair.


Tip 2

It is recommended to trade on currency pairs such as the AUD/USD, EUR/AUD, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP and the GBP/JPY, pertaining to today’s events.


Tip 3

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum can be up to their game and reach new record highs, thus, it is a good opportunity to trade on these assets. Use the FX/CFD tool to trade these currencies.