Google Partners With Walmart

Walmart Stores Inc and Alphabet Inc partner to enter the emerging voice-shopping market, which is currently dominated by Amazon Inc. Customers will now benefit from Walmart’s “Easy Recorder” feature through the integration of Google’s shopping service, Google Express as Google will offer thousands of Walmart items on its platform. Regular Walmart shoppers will more easily be able to place spoken order for any product. Previously, Walmart launched its own 2-day shipping, which unlike Amazon Prime, is free, provided the order is $35 or more. Last week, the company communicated its earnings report which exceeded expectations with a revenue of $123.36 billion. ,

President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi is set to speak at 07:00 GMT today while Germany communicates its manufacturing PMI for the month of August, the same hour. Elsewhere, the U.S. has imposed sanctions on Chinese and Russian firms and individuals it accuses “of helping North Korea’s nuclear weapons.” China responded to this that the U.S. needs to “immediately correct its mistake of punishing firms.”

The U.S. releases its new home sales for the month of July at 14:00 GMT today and analysts are forecasting a figure to closely match the June number of 610,000. Additionally, the report for the U.S. crude oil inventories is due later at 14:30 GMT. Oil prices edged lower ahead of data releases, with the international benchmark, brent crude, trading at $51.75 a barrel and the U.S. West Texas Intermediate trading at $47.72 a barrel earlier today.

Technical Analysis



This currency pair was quoted at a record low of 1.25325 around 12:00 UTC in yesterday’s session. The U.S. dollar erased gains against the Canadian dollar yesterday, to hit a record low after the release of a mixed figure of Canada’s retail sales. Investors continue to focus on the upcoming Jackson Hole Summit this week. Today, the asset is seen shifting towards an uptrend as it recorded bullish candles earlier today.



The EUR/USD pair traded under pressure as markets await Mario Draghi’s speech which is due on Friday at Jackson Hole. It was seen following a bearish trend in Tuesday’s session and it the started consolidating later through the day. Today, it continues to consolidate as it traded within the 1.177 level and the 1.174 level. It is expected to fluctuate and consolidate further through today, use the Ladder Trading for this one today.



After shedding losses on the forex market, the Wall Street index gained strength as from 11:00 UTC where it traded at 2430.8 points, to record a huge set of momentary jumps till 16:00 UTC on Tuesday. It was quoted at a high level of 2447.8 points at 20:00 UTC, thus maintaining a bullish trend. Today, the S&P 500 index started off on a negative note at 2453.5 points, dragged by pullbacks for the next few hours. A change in trend will take place around 08:00 UTC, keep an eye.

Things to watch on the market

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Consider trading on the EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY, and the Shanghai Composite, pertaining to events due today.


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Investors can consider trading on the GBP/USD, USD/JPY and the Gold vs Oil pair in regards to today’s events.