Google In Trouble

Google has been sued by three women who have filed a lawsuit against the technology giant, alleging it of discriminating against female employees by underpaying them and “denying them opportunities for promotions.” The lawsuit claims as such – ““Google has discriminated and continues to discriminate against its female employees by systematically paying them lower compensation than Google pays to male employees performing substantially similar work under similar working conditions.” Google is now under investigation by the U.S. Department of Labour over its pay practices. The Silicon Valley said that it would review the lawsuit but it has disagreed with the allegations. About 70 percent of its workforce represent men.

source:The Verge, BBC News

North Korea fired a ballistic missile over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido on Friday. The launch is the second to fly over Japan in weeks, and this is the first launch since the North’s sixth nuclear test and new United Nations sanctions on the country. Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe said that his country would not tolerate such “dangerous provocation action” and if North Korea continues this path, it has no bright future. Friday’s launch follows the release of a statement Wednesday, in which the North threatened four islands and it also seemed to be intended to send a message to the U.S.

Several important events are taking place today, starting with Russia’s interest rate decision for September, which will be published at 10:30 GMT. The U.S. releases its core retail sales and retail sales, both for the month of August at 12:30 GMT. These are likely to impact the trend of the Russian Ruble and the U.S. dollar and these events should be closely analysed as they shed light on the overall economic activity of a country.

Technical Analysis



On Thursday’s session, the pair of EUR/JPY started picking value on the foreign exchange market as from 13:00 GMT, pulled by a set of momentary jumps to reach 131.729 yen by 18:00 GMT. However, this was immediately dragged by pullbacks from the very next hour and it reached a low level of 131.046 yen by 22:00 GMT. Today, as the Japanese yen held steady on the market, the asset gained heights as from 02:00 GMT and it is expected to rise further through the rest of today.



The AUD/JPY pair was seen tumbling from the very beginning of yesterday’s session as from 02:00 GMT. It maintained this downtrend later during the day as from 19:00 GMT, where it was dragged by pullbacks to reach a low level of 87.948 yen by 22:00 GMT. On Friday, the currency pair started off its session on a positive note at 00:00 GMT and is seen moving more towards an uptrend; it could also reach new heights today.



The U.S. West Texas Intermediate gained strength yesterday as from 09:00 GMT as it traded at $49.27 a barrel, pulled by several momentary jumps to reach the $50.31 a barrel by 14:00 GMT. The commodity opened its session on a negative note today at 00:00 GMT and the crude oil was seen edging lower in Asian trade after North Korea tested an intermediate range of ballistic missile over Japan. It is expected to trade below the $50 level through today.

Things to watch on the market

Tip 1

It is a good opportunity to trade on shares of Alphabet, the Nasdaq index and the Apple vs Alphabet and the Alphabet vs Facebook pairs.


Tip 2

Global assets have been highly affected by this missile launch, both Asian indices and Wall Street indices dropped value and traded lower in today’s morning trade. Gold futures, on the other hand, edged up a bit today. These assets can be traded with various trading tools available on our trading platform.


Tip 3

Consider trading on currency pairs such as the USD/RUB, GBP/RUB, EUR/USD, GBP/USD and indices such as the MICEX and RTS F-APR17, both are available on the Classic Digital Options.