Facebook Introduces Messenger Ads

After making users switch to separate Messenger app to continue using chat features, Facebook is now about to push adverts on them. Ads will be displayed on the home tab of the Messenger app, thus users clicking on the ads will either be taken to the advertiser’s website or they will be sent to a chat window where they can interact with the brand. Previously, Facebook allowed businesses to “chat with Messenger users directly” and send them to sponsored content. Usually, Facebook gets about 85 percent of its ad revenue from mobile, but advertisement could lead to decline in share prices.

source: theguardian, pe3k / Shutterstock.com

Major economic events are taking place in the U.S. today, starting with the Core Consumer Price Index for June due at 12:30 GMT, U.S/ Core retail sales and retail sales for June, both at 12:30 GMT. These data are crucial for the overall economic health of the economy and retail sales is an easy indicator for consumer spending. After the U.S. Fed Chair Yellen’s testimony, Wall Street indices closed at record highs on Thursday, the Dow closed at a record for the 24th time in 2017. The S&P 500 gained 0.19 percent at 2,447.83 points.

On Thursday, Paypal announced that it will expand its partnership with Apple, which will now see the payment method becoming available as an option on iOS devices. Users will thus be able to use PayPal to pay for their purchases in the App Store, including, Apple Music, iTunes TV shows, iCloud storage. Yesterday, the French President Emmanuel Macron stated that he “respected” Trump’s decision of pulling out of the climate deal, but France would still remain committed.

Technical Analysis



The U.S. West Texas Intermediate gained momentum as from 12:00 UTC at the $45.04 level to close this bullish trend by 16:00 UTC at the $46.05 level on Thursday. It continued this uptrend throughout yesterday. In today’s early trading hours, it recorded much volatility on the commodity market. It was last quoted on a bullish candle at $45.97 a barrel around 04:00 UTC, it could gain strength later as it is trading above the Ichimoku Cloud indicator.



The GBP/USD pair recorded few momentary jumps as from 16:00 UTC as it traded at $1.29194 to reach $1.29454 by 19:00 UTC in yesterday’s session. It even ended its session on a bullish candle at 23:00 UTC at the 1.29470 level. The GBP/USD pair continue to bounce as it started picking heights as from 02:00 UTC today. It may pick up an uptrend today, use the Long Term tool for this one today.



This currency pair opened its session on a positive note today at 00:00 UTC at 129.355 yen, pulled by momentary jumps till 03:00 UTC at 129.400 yen today. It followed last night’s uptrend and it could rise further during the day, thus move above the Ichimoku Cloud indicator. It would be a good opportunity to trade on this asset, especially after the release of Japan’s Industrial Production for May, which was due at 04:30 UTC.

Things to watch on the market

Tip 1

Consider trading on stocks of Facebook and the Nasdaq index as Facebook is a component of NASDAQ.


Tip 2

Investors are advised to trade the EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD on the FX/CFD tool and Wall Street indices as U.S. equities ended higher last night.


Tip 3

Trade on stocks of PayPal as its shares were seen at $56.99 on Wednesday after its partnership with Apple.