China reports second quarter GDP

China reported its second quarter GDP earlier at 02:00 GMT today, and according to the National Bureau of Statistics, the economy grew by 6.9 percent from a year before. China’s economy has beaten expectations as exports recover and property construction booms, thus growing faster than expected. Despite efforts to slow down the housing market, “property investment grew by 8.5 percent in the first half, industrial output grew by 7.6 percent, above analysts’ expectations of 6.5 percent. Retail spending, on the other hand, grew by 11 percent; these figures led Asian equities on a mixed note today.

source:Firstpost, BBC News

The Eurozone is set to release its Consumer Price Index (CPI) for June at 09:00 GMT today, and this CPI data should be clearly watched by investors as this helps identify trends of inflation. Netflix Inc. will release its second quarter earnings report for the month ending June 2017 today and economists are expecting its share to be at $0.160 compared to the same period last year.

New Zealand’s second quarter CPI is due later at 22:45 GMT today, and this report is expected to affect the trend of the New Zealand dollar on the foreign exchange market. Following Pyongyang’s long range missile test, South Korea proposed to hold military talks with North Korea in order to stop “all hostile activities that raise military tension.” South Korea’s Vice Defence Minister Suh Choo-suk stated that talks could be held at Tongilgak on 21 July and also added that they “expect a positive response from North.”

Technical Analysis



The AUD/USD pair traded bullishly throughout last week’s session, and it also ended its yesterday’s session on a positive note. However, today, it started off on a bearish candle at 00:00 UTC at the 0.78239 level, down by 0.09 percent as the Aussie trended weaker on the forex market. Around 03:00 UTC, it started trading with much volatility, and it may continue this trend in the next coming hours. Use the 60 Seconds tool to trade this one today.



Asian stocks opened at a two-year high on Monday, boosted by stronger than expected growth in China. The Japanese Nikkei 225 opened today’s session bullishly at 00:00 UTC, trading at 19993 points to stop this uptrend by 03:00 UTC at 20083 points. It could follow this bullish trend through the day. The Ichimoku Cloud indicator suggests a change in trend around 14:00 UTC, watch out for this opportunity today.



The U.S. dollar index recorded several pullbacks on Friday as from 09:00 UTC and closed this downtrend as it reached the 95.23 level by 13:00 UTC. Today, the index opened its session on a positive note at 00:00 UTC at the 95.07 level, and was last quoted on a bullish candle at the 95.19 level at 04:00 UTC. It may continue to rise through today’s trading hours, keep a close watch on this one.

Things to watch on the market

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