Asian shares trading mixed

Asian equities traded on a mixed note on Friday after the Bank of Japan kept its monetary policy steady at a minus 0.1 percent and kept its 10-year government bond yield target around zero percent. Japan’s Nikkei 225 traded up at 0.5 percent, while South Korea’s Kospi index lost around 0.1 percent. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index added 0.36 percent while the Shanghai Composite was down by 0.25 percent. Meanwhile, the yen traded weaker and impacted various JPY pairs’ trend.

source: Reuters, CNBC

Russia will be communicating its Interest Rate Decision at 10:30 GMT and Russia will also present its yearly GDP report at 13:00 GMT. These events are expected to affect trend of the Russian ruble and its indices. The value of crude oil futures have dropped on the commodity market despite an OPEC-led effort to cut production. Brent crude is seen trading below the $50 a barrel, down by around 13 percent since late May.

Last important event for today is the U.S. Building Permits for May which is due at 12:30 GMT, higher readings for this could generate a positive/bullish trend for the U.S. dollar. Otherwise, Earlier today, the dollar index was unchanged at the 97.44 level. Gold prices edged lower as the dollar regained some strength and gold futures were seen trading up at $1,256.40, up by 0.14 percent.

Technical Analysis



Yesterday, as from 12:00 UTC, the S&P 500 index started picking up heights as it gained several momentary jumps throughout the day. Its highest for the day was at 2433.8 points around 20:00 UTC. Today, it opened its session on a positive note and was last quoted on a bullish candle at 2436.9 points by 03:00 UTC. It may rise further though 13:00 UTC today, consider trading this once it is available on the trading platform.



This asset performed impressively on the foreign exchange market yesterday as it gained a huge set of momentary jumps as from 11:00 UTC to close its bullish trend by 17:00 UTC at 110.961 yen. The USD/JPY pair was seen trading up by 0.02 percent at 111.16 yen around 03:00 UTC. A weaker value of the yen seems to have uplifted this asset today, and it is expected to rise further through the day.



An analysis of the EUR/GBP graph clearly depicts a downtrend for the day as it is seen on several bearish candles. This Friday, it opened its session at the 0.87364 level at 00:00 UTC, dragged by bearish candles. The Eurozone CPI event due at 09:00 UTC is expected to impact trend of this currency pair today, trade this with the FX/CFD tool for today.

Things to watch on the market

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