market updates

20 Oct 2017

Facebook lawyer to testify before Congress

Facebook is sending its top lawyer, general counsel Colin Stretch, to testify before the House and Senate Intelligence Committees on how Russian agents used the social giant platform to interfere in the 2016 election. Facebook said it will send Colin, its vice president and general counsel f [...]

19 Oct 2017

Dow Jones at record highs

China third-quarter GDP reportedly lived up to expectations successfully, while retail sales and industrial production in September reportedly came higher than expectations. As such, major indexes in Asia were trading mixed on today trade. Take note that the Nikkei 225 climbed higher by 0.66 [...]

18 Oct 2017

Travel Ban Blocked

A judge in Hawaii has blocked President Donald Trump’s latest travel ban, just hours before it was set to take effect, saying the revised order “suffers from precisely the same maladies as its predecessor.” This was the third set of travel restrictions issued by the U.S. president to [...]

17 Oct 2017

Facebook Buys TBH App

Facebook has acquired TBH, an iOS app that allows teens to send each other compliments. The app, whose name stands for “To Be Honest,” continue to operate separately from Facebook, which is similar to how other Facebook acquisitions, like WhatsApp and Instagram, are run. The app lets you [...]

16 Oct 2017

Asian Shares Mostly Higher

Asian shares advanced to a decade high on Monday after the release of China’s inflation data and as such, the Japanese Nikkei 225 jumped for a ninth straight day, up 0.65 percent. South Korea’s Kospi index gained 0.11 percent while the ASX 200 rose by 0.55 percent and the Hong Kong’s [...]