Deposit Methods


At BinaryOnline, we strive to facilitate the trading experience of our traders’ and make their experience a hassle-free and profitable one. To meet this end, we provide the most reliable and secure deposit methods. These include payments by Credit/Debit Card and Bank Wire Transfer.

Deposit Credit/Debit Card

We accept deposits via both Credit and Debit card. It is recommended that you use your own card for essential funding on your trading account. Deposits made by Credit or Debit card are funded instantly.

Bank Wire Transfer

A Bank Wire transfer procedure takes up to 4-5 days for the fund to be transferred to your trading account. Even though this process is longer, it is equally safe and recommended for large deposits. Follow the steps below for a Bank Wire Transfer.

  1. Contact your dedicated account manager for a Bank Wire Transfer form.
  2. Go to your bank with a pre-filled Bank Wire Transfer form containing the bank details of BinaryOnline.
  3. A reference number will be given to you, which needs to be included in your form.
  4. Scan and send your registered Bank Wire Transfer form to your account manager.
  5. Your trading account will be automatically credited with your amount after approximately 4-5 working days.

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