Compliance Procedures


BinaryOnline believes in providing the most secured and trustworthy environment to its traders. Consequently our compliance team requires your identification documents that will protect you and us against identity usurpation and financial frauds.

We strictly abide to the law governing financial activities which are prescribed by legal authorities and governments. Our compliance department ensures that all documents required are relevant and updated according to international standards.

To make your journey safe, our compliance team will need the following documents.

1. Proof of Identity

We will need a colored scanned copy or high quality picture of your National Identity Card, International passport, Driving license or any legally acceptable identification card issued by the government. The identification document should be clearly visible and of good quality.

2. Proof of Address

A certified valid copy of any of your utility bill (Electricity/Water/Bank Statement or Gas). Note that the utility bill should be for a service that has been consumed at your declared residential address. This document should display your name, residential address and should not be older than 3 months.

3. Proof of Payment

We also need a colored copy or high quality picture of your Credit card/Debit card whereby the:

  • 12 first Digits of the Front of the card are hidden
  • CVV (3 digits number) on the Back of the card are hidden

Please note that your signature is required at the back of the scanned copies.


4. Investment Testimony Form (ITF)

The Investment Testimony Form (ITF) should be filled with the following details: your full name, the date of the deposit, the amount of the deposit as per the currency chosen, the currency of the deposit and your full signature next to each transaction written on the form. Click here to get your Investment Testimony Form (ITF)

Submitting your documents in simple steps.

Take high quality pictures of the above mentioned documents from mobile phone or digital camera and send to our compliance email on [email protected]

Alternatively, you can send scanned copies of the documents via fax on +44 203 862 9912

Need help?

For a step-by-step guide to our compliance procedures, please download the KYC/AML Procedure Guidelines and follow the instructions accordingly.

If you have issues regarding the submission of your documents, please contact our support agents on [email protected]

Our Compliance officer will get in touch with you for further compliance processes. If you have any questions, you can contact our compliance team on [email protected]

BinaryOnline wishes to thank its customers for their understanding and support in regards to AML rules and procedures.

Note that these procedures are important to protect you as a BinaryOnline customer.

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