Economic Calendar

BinaryOnline’s Live Economic calendar is the daily trading companion of traders. The calendar provides pertinent information on key economic events and releases that shall be affecting markets and which may generate trading opportunities.

Get to know the date and the exact time at which important events shall be taking place over two weeks and also access the time and dates of releases having taken place earlier (by 1 week). Along with all of that, the economic calendar classifies each event or release by importance or the level of impact it could hold on markets and provides statistical forecasts of the releases too- a one stop shop for traders.

Using the economic calendar

Using BinaryOnline’s live economic calendar is pretty simple. All one has got to do is to be on the Economic Calendar page, select a specific period of time from options as Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week, Last Week of simply select Recent and upcoming events. Accordingly, one will receive the list of events. At this point traders need to just sort events by importance and choose the ones they find most pertinent. By basing themselves on the actual and forecasted readings provided, traders can anticipate the trends of relevant assets and plan their trades accordingly. For example if the U.S Nonfarm Payrolls data is due today and the calendar show a forecast lower than the actual reading, it implies that the U.S dollar could fall if the forecast turns out right.


Why BinaryOnline’s Economic Calendar?

We set our calendars after through research of the market and of announces made on a daily basis by important international financial, political and governmental bodies. Our dates and times are based of all these collection of information and the forecasts are also set based on thorough market research and statistical analysis.


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