How to Increase ROI with the Binary Triangle Strategy

Make everyday trading completely hassle free by opting for the binary triangle strategy and trade among top traders. Such strategies have been conceived to give your the right edge to trading.


19:00 GMT-20:00 GMT 26.01.2017

Mike Roberts


Webinar Transcript

Mike Roberts here, with BinaryOnline. These sessions are gaining momentum folks and im really happy that you guys have decided to participate once again in the session. What we did in the past few months is mostly we discussed the platform, also we discussed fundamental trading and we had some really good trading opportunities that took place in the past few months which were really really successful and a lot of us had a really good time with that.

What we’re gonna do today is take a step back from fundamental trading and all that and we’re gonna go into technical analysis and technical trading, which is actually the bread and butter of trading. This could be a bit of an advanced session and if you guys have any questions along the way, please feel free to send me questions and i’ll do my best to give you the good answers for all your questions.

But the idea is this; what you guys need to understand is that technical trading is most popular way to trade. If its binary options, regular options, if it’s regular stocks, if its fx, whatever you choose to trade, most is done by technical trading. The reason why we do webinars about fundamental trading is bcoz fundamental trading represents big movements in the market, very sharp opportunities, while technical analysis is more of a personal relationship that you guys are gonna have with the charts and with your trading. So that is the idea of what we gonna do today. What i suggest, as opposed to fundamental analysis where a lot of traders they take the info we provide on webinars and utilize it in their trading; I get a lot of good feedback, and yes you can share your feedback with me live here. I’ll give you an example: next wednesday we got a huge event in the US where the Fed reserve is gonna decide what the next interest rate gonna be and if you see the interest rate go up next wed, that’s gonna be really good for the US Dollar and for US banks. There are a lot of ways you can take adv of the event, because if interest rates go up, there’s gonna be a very be precise reaction in the market.

Junia is asking me if everybody can see my screen. Folks, can you see my screen right now btw? If you can write me on chat if you can see my screen that would be great. Ok you do, thank you for your remarks folks.

So the idea, if you have a fundamental event, then you have a precise movement in the market; interest rate go up, that is a precise move. Here in technical trading, you need to take the info i’m going to provide you, and use that in a way that is convenient for you; I’m just gonna give you the environment. So let’s begin.

The strategy i’m gonna speak about today is called the Triangle Strategy and its used in binary trading. Now in Binary trading, if I quickly go to the binaryonline platform, you guys are gonna see that in the end of the day when i decide to trade i need to decide high or low and i need to decide a specific expiry time. The question is which expiry time to pick, should I pick a day trade or should i pick a trade that’s gonna expire on july 17th maybe, but I also the direction, high or low. And that are the only things i only need to pick and that is it.

Ok let’s talk about the Purpose of Binary Triangle Strategy

In an uptrend, the triangle is considered as sign of increasing demand;

  • Traders are then willing to call the asset, pushing the price higher.

In a downtrend, the triangle is considered as a sign of decreasing demand;

  • Traders are then willing to Put the asset, bringing prices lower.

First thing you need is find a pattern.

Before moving on: Keep note of this;

Only one line on a given pattern can contain any two points that exist in a pattern.

These are

  • Support: When prices fall sharply to a given line
  • Resistance: Maximum level to which prices can reach

Now you need a Confirmation of the Direction. Keep these in mind:

  • Technical indicators provide trading opportunities
  • A different confirmation can be spotted on every pattern
  • Confirmations allow you to know if a pattern is still valid for trading
  • Look for breakouts by evaluating patterns

So now, you have to Decide the Expiry time. Do not forget to consider these:

  • Knowing when to pick a pattern, get the best time frames
  • Look for connection between time frames and expiry times
  • Differentiate between a clean and a dirty chart
  • Expiry buffer

And that’s it!

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So folks what I want you to do is contact your account manager and ask about this.

See you next week, and have a great weekend everybody. See you next week. And for now, bye.

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