How to Trade Big Market Events

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to spot nice market events and use the same for a better trading outcome. Mike Roberts, our expert will be your guide through this live session. Be there and make the most of it.


19:00 GMT-20:00 GMT

Mike Roberts


Webinar Transcript

Ok, so thanks again everyone for joining me, my name is Mike Roberts and I apologise for the delay today. The session we will have today is a live session about trading events, I think it is a very interesting session we’re gonna have today, Trading Big events. Also, I am going to speak about major events that are coming up really soon actually, in april, in just a week or so. We have a lot of things to talk about. I still see some folks just entering the session, let’s give it another 30 seconds and we’ll start.

Ok so I hope everybody can hear me loud and clear. If you guys have an issue with the sound, please let me know. But I can see here that everybody is writing to me that the sound is good.

So, a few questions already by clients, we’re gonna speak about trading events, and we’ll speak of course about big events. This is a general webinar about events, technical trading or a specific announcement about the market. You guys are more than welcome to send me your remarks you guys think can actually is interesting.

So, let’s do this, I have a nice presentation that I will show you and then we’ll move over to your questions. Let’s start off by defining market events.

Trading Market Events:

  • Is trading a most particular news during a given period
  • Is different from technical analysis but can complement it if used properly
  • Represents calculations of market movements which may define your current or future trading moves
  • Helps to keep track of major events occurring in major economies

Also, you guys should also be aware of market sentiment. 1+1 is not equal to 2 in the market, you should be aware of that. Most of it is mainly based on market sentiment.

On Our agenda tonight:

  • Defining Binary options
  • Flow of discussion in a binary options trade
  • What do you need to succeed in binary options
  • Adopt these trading tips to trade successful
  • Bottom Line

Market Sentiment is

  • Often referred to as crowd psychology.
  • Depends on the activity of market moves.
  • Reflects the tone and mindset of traders on trading floors & exchanges.
  • Determines the next move that traders want to take.

Market Events can normally be classified in 2 categories:

  1. Recurring or periodic
  2. Unexpected or one-time

In the end of the day it’s about predicting whether an asset will go up or down from its current value.

Predicting the direction in which the price of an underlying asset will move at a specific expiration time – This point is really important as you need to have quality trade.

All binary options assets cannot be purchased, but can be subject to prediction only.

There are only 2 possible outcomes:

  1. A fixed gain if option expires, which is called “in the money”
  2. A fixed loss loss if option expires “out of the money”

Here a few examples of Periodic events, which are very strong events:

  1. The NonFarm Payrolls – This data is released every first friday of every month
  2. The Fed Interest Rate decision – This may occur every two months
  3. The Earnings Reports – This one is a quarterly event, which mean it happens every 3 months, 4 times a year.

So now, here are a few examples of Recurring Events:

  1. Manufacturing Production Data
  2. Retail sales data

On the other hand, unexpected or one-time events, as the name suggests, are events that have not been prepared beforehand.

Some Examples include:

  1. Unexpected Political changes – The effect of the U.S. President Trump on the trading market, aftermath U.S. elections.
  2. Feud in major economies – such as the Charlie Hebdo issue in France or constant issues regarding Crude prices involving the OPEC.

Keep in mind that for these events, everyone gets the news at the same time, and therefore are heavily impacted by market sentiment.

So Why Trade Big Market Events?

  • Get instant market reaction which can determine your next move.
  • Adjust your trading tactics in accordance with your expiry times.
  • Stay informed about any last minute changes on the market.
  • Grow your trading capabilities and increase your outcomes.
  • Change your trading mantra by your own calculations & observations.

Now let’s talk about the Right Timing to Trade Big!

  1. Keep track of the dates & times of Big Events and keep and economic calendar, such as
  2. Prepare your Strategy beforehand.
  3. Beware of Market Sentiment – Be sure of your assumptions.
  4. Know when to ignore certain news.
  5. Make rational decisions depending on your risk tolerance & investment.

Now, it’s Time to put what you’ve learnt into practice.

The 2 step Programme that has been put in place for you special traders. It can help you out in your trading. Reach out for your account manager, and if you cannot reach him, you can contact BinaryOnline directly and grab this offer while it lasts. I think it is a great offer personally.

We’re talking about major trading opportunities in April, it may be the FRench Election, the earning season, the NFPs, the Turkish referendum even; all these events will be having major effects, and I think the 2 step programme can really help you out and give you the right guidance you need in order to make money.

Folks, next week, I’m gonna be here, same time, same day, Mike Roberts Binary Optionalist, I‘m really happy to have seen all your questions, great questions. I hope I gave you good answers to your great questions.

I wish you all a great weekend, bye for now.

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