How to Establish Simple Trading Techniques

In this webinar, you are sure to learn ways to implement these trading methods which are simple trading mantras that can get you started or pump your existing trading fervor like never before. Get ready to be part of something significant enough to influence your trading skills in the most positive way.


19:00 GMT-20:00 GMT

Mike Roberts


Webinar Transcript

Okay guys, thank you for joining me. This is Mike Roberts and happy to do this session here at BinaryOnline. Thank you again for joining me, just waiting for the last folks to sign in and we are going to begin in just a minute. Thank you everybody.

Okay! Thank you again for joining me folks. Mike Roberts here and […] I see still folks joining in, so I’m just going to wait kind of another minute and then we can begin. Okay folks thank you again. This is Mike Roberts and today we are going to speak about Simple ways to establish a good trading technique. I think that is a very important aspect of trading and what we are going to do today is we are going to cover a few trading techniques, very simple ones that you guys can use in your trading. What i am going to do is I’m going to show you on the chart itself, on the platform itself I’m going to show you how to take advantage of the technique and I’m going to show you also the charts. So we’re going to cover this power point that we’ve got here, the charts of course, the actual way to do it on the platform. So, this is going to be a very interesting webinar about different ways to trade. You guys can kind of grab a piece of paper and a pen and we are going to be able to do this very nicely. So, what I want to do, I want to start off with the presentation. This is a live session, so you folks can send me your remarks here on the chat and I’ll be happy to answer your questions or give you some feedback on your remarks there.

So, trade simple trade smart, that’s what it’s all about. Simple trading techniques to get you started and fuel your trading passion. Now for those of you who just started you binary experience, you’re going to see on the binary platform that you need to decide, at the end of the day, you need to decide two things. These two things are the only things that you need to determine before taking a trade and these two things are ‘Call’ or ‘Put’. You got to decide Call or Put and you got to decide what is going to be the best expiry time which you can choose here. All the rest is […] there aren’t any issues. You got to choose an asset of course; but the asset, of course, has to do with what you want to trade and money management- putting the right amount, how much money do you want to make, how much money are you willing to risk. So, those are kind of, that’s kind of the idea, but when you are thinking about a trade, when you are thinking about trading, you need to think about two things which is call or put direction and expiry. Once you got direction and expiry per asset, then the only thing you are going to have to figure out, is how much money you are going to pun on the trade. So, we are not going to talk about money management today. We are going to talk about how to get to that point where you decide when to enter a trade and for how long. So that’s the idea of this session and once we finish this session, I think that a lot of you will be able to, for those of you who haven’t traded yet and also for those of you who have been trading for sometime, I think that after this session you will be able to find more trading opportunities and I think the trading opportunities that you will find are also going to be more attractive and you know we’re all about finding quality trades here at the end of the day.

Okay, so, simple ways to simple techniques.

  • Points you need to consider to set up your trades
  • Go Fundamental of Technical
  • Examples of simple strategies
  • Advantages of trading with simple strategies
  • Bottom line

So, Points that you need to consider o set up your trades

    • The perfect set-up

OK now what is a set-up at the end of the day. A set-up is a very important approach, it’s actually an approach to trading; that you are not just working on what you see right now, but a set-up is made out of a strategy. A set-up is made out of a particular opportunity that you see in the market that you can trade on and make money on. So, having a setup determines your next step in trading and through a perfect set-up, you create your trading strategies; but I’m going to show you some set-ups and they are different kinds of set-up.

    • Trigger your trades

The second thing here is:

– Verify market trends to determine your entry points.

– When using a strategy, it indicates when you can enter a trade.

– Establishing your entry & exit points through the correct strategy should lead you to the next step.

Now traders can choose to trade fundamentally or technically and Fundamental trading consists of trading upon news and events

-Technical trading consists of using indicators to provide trading estimations

The choice of a set up strategy whether to use fundamental or technical practices rests upon the trader


  • You may use both

I want to show you folks one example of how to use kind of both fundamental and technical.

Analysing price actions is the purest form of strategy

Prices can move trends, They create momentum in market corrections, These corrections allow trend directions

Let’s go to the chart, I want to show you some examples for this. Let’s say I go for the GBP vs the USD and what do we have here? So on the left hand side of the chart, you can see this big drop and any of you guys know what this drop is? On the left side, you can see this huge red candle on the left hand side of the screen where I’m pointing at right now, Any of you have any idea what this big movement, downside movement is? You can just write me on chat here if you folks have any idea what this big movement is on the downside. GBP vs the USD.

Okay so, exactly, this was the Brexit vote, this is following Brexit on June 24th when we got the actual results of Brexit and then we saw this drop. So this was a fundamental event and going back to the presentation, so we mentioned here that you can use fundamental trading- consists of trading upon news and events. So that’s Brexit right? Now you can ask me okay Mike, if that’s Brexit, what is the technical part of this? So the technical part of this was the price action, the way the asset moved after the Brexit and you can see that here and you can see that again at the bottom. What you get here is a very interesting movement by the pound following Brexit. So, you see here four lines folks. Can everybody see the channels that I just marked here? You got one on the top and one at the bottom, can everyone see this, these channels that I Marked on the chart. Okay, thank you all for your remarks by the way. I appreciate that. So what happened was that this downside movement on the pound vs the dollar, huge downside movement, and all of a sudden the GBPUSD was trading like, if I go to a month chart you can see that this was, if i’m not mistaken, 1984 or something crazy like that. Take a look, the last time the GBP was trading so low was back in 1985. This was not a usual thing of course, 1984 folks is when a lot of things happened, 1984. That was a long time ago and that was the last time that the GBP was trading so low and Patrick, you’re right, we’re talking about support and resistance levels there, you’re absolutely right. So, if go back to that day chart that we were looking at before, so the line all of a sudden disappeared here, so I’m just going to market them again. So, back then we knew that the uncertainty in the market is pretty high. We knew that even the big boys, the biggest banks and the biggest investment firms, they don’t exactly know what’s going on and when no one knows what’s going on, when no one knows, well, Alonso, when will the UK exit, when the UK exit will rise, not sure I understand question.

The Brexit is in motion. We are looking at another kind of, it can take a year to, until they come up with the exact terms and conditions. There is a lot of pressure right now, but on the pound. The Brexit is official, that’s going to happen and it depends on what the negotiations are going to be. It could cost us around two years. Maybe it’s going to happen even before that, but if it does not, the ETF of the two years is that if it does not happen in two years, then it’s going to be a complete, I mean the EU is going to decide what are the terms and conditions and that’s not going to be good news for UK. Now, what I want to explain here, when you want to use both fundamental and technical, so we understood that there is downside pressure on the pound and you know, a lot of people obviously put a lot of ‘Put’ options on the pound once we saw brexit happen. But then, because there was a lot of uncertainty in the market, the market was moving inside this very strong support and resistance as you guys mentioned. The resistance area was around 1.3444. You can see out here that the GBP touched this level for once, twice, three, four times and at the bottom, one, two and three. So that was the resistance area and then we saw a breakout again and then we say another downside move towards 1.2138, you can see that at the bottom and it touched this, even more like almost fourteen times. The GBPUSD received support at around 1.21. So, for example, if I’m looking at this kind of movement here, this is pretty interesting and a lot of folks you know, they are ready for another downside move there by the GBPUSD towards 1.21 again and a lot of people, if it heads to 1.21 again that will be the next..

On the other hand, we can see the GBPUSD break 1.25 like a, not a long time ago with a target of 1.2790 and then we are going to consider some put options there. So if we are thinking about the GBPUSD continuing to trade inside this pattern and we’ve seen the GBPUSD reverse below resistance and above support. Another way that you can actually use this for trading technical analysis is actually add some indicators here on the left side. I don’t want to get too much into this because we got a lot to cover; but for example if you got the Bollinger Bands, you are going to get some kind of indicators that can help you out to see if these resistance and support levels if they stand. But this is kind of very good example of how to use both technical and fundamental.

So, it’s not only fundamental, it’s also technical. The most strategies that you folks know, the better the opportunities you guys are going to find.

Examples of simple trading strategies (Part 1)

    • Analysing price actions is the purest form of strategy

– Prices can move trends

– They create momentum in market corrections

– These corrections allow trend directions

Examples of simple trading strategies (Part 2)

    • Event driven economic activities

– Events are crucial to give an indication of future trends

– Political happenings can cause big effects on assets

For example, so the Brexit is politics; but for example, let’s take today. We saw a big movement today, not a political event, but actually an economic event. You can see here on my screen, it says finan GDP. That means the growth of the U.S. economy. How much is the U.S economy growing and the more it’s growing, of course, there is more demand for the USD, for the dollar and we saw that very good number from the U.S. today, 2.1% you can see painted in gree. If I go back to the chart, and we can look at the EURUSD for a moment and take a look at the movement on this event. So I’m just going to go to a five minutes chart. Let’s take a look.

So, you can see folks that the event was at 12:30 GMT time and you can see here, this breakout below and then we saw this big uptrend here. Bu, at the end of the day, the EURUSD took ato a very strong downtrend and you can see it trading around 1.06874 and following very good news from the U.S. Usually, events like this, you can see reactions beginning what you see after that is actually a trend and this is a very strong downtrend, EURUSD. But even if I go, for example on USDJPY, then you can see kind of the same thing. An upside move here at 12:30 GMT and again the dollar getting stronger and stronger as we continue this session. The USD getting stronger on good economic news from the U.S. So, this was today. Of course, both the economic news and the political news have a big effect. If I take a look at the political events, the election of Donald Trump and you can see it here, if I go to the day chart again, you can see on the left-hand side of the screen, this is when Donald trump was elected back in November 8th and then this huge uptrend on the Dow Jones for example. So, both political events and economic events move the markets.


Events are crucial to give an indication of future

Political happenings can cause big effects on assets

‘Unexpected events’ is one of the most common ways to activate your account manager ofr for him to activate you in a way. A lot of folks are not sure if they want an account manager, if it’s good to have an account manager and so on and account managers are in front of the screen all day long. If something happens right now, if it’s a new release of any product by any company, it it’s a breaking news, political or if it’s just economic news coming out of nowhere, then you guys are going to know about it because your account manager, your expert trader is going to give you a call and tell you hey buddy, something is going on right now, breaking news and the idea is that it’s very difficult to create a strategy of this. The strategy itself is just to know about it anyway; but having an expert trader helping you out with this, is very important.

So, what are the strategies all about?

Unexpected event such as:

  1. Change of CEO in a big company can alter the trend of the company’s Stock
  2. Terrorist Attack
  3. Political conflicts

These sudden events may change the course of trading – it is not a strategy but it is advisable to use these news as part of fundamental strategy

Surprises in the market, usually are very…the impact is very big and it can generate a lot of activity. This kind of way of trading is very popular amongst a lot of people. You gotta understand that in the beginning, I do recommend having someone to assist you because you guys do your job, you’re doing whatever you’re doing. I do not think that anyone wants to… it think that all you folks back there, you want to continue your own life and make money on the side which is why you are here, and I think that if you just 24/7 on the screen, I mean that’s something you can do, but for those of you who cannot do that and do want to make the most out of trading, this is going to be very interesting if you have a relationship, you tell your broker, listen buddy, you know, if there is anything big going on, anytime you can give me a call, you can send me a message; and that can help you out have some kind of edge over other traders.

  • Look at most traded assets:

Traders can trade on most traded assets such as:

Gold (when there is a lot of uncertainty on the market), Crude Oil, (Brent/WTI crude), S&P 500, S&P 500, Currency pairs, (EURUSD/ EURJPY/, GBPUSD/ USDJPY), Stocks – Specific product launch for companies such as: Apple, Samsung…etc

These are the most traded assets and if I go back to the platform, then you can see here on the BinaryOnline platform, we got all these assets on the platform, whether it’s currencies and commodities and indices and stocks. So you got a lot of different companies that are traded on the platform.

Sam is asking us here about oil. You are asking if we can trade on crude and not only on Brent. I’m pretty sure that’s your question. So, first of all that’s a good question and if you don’t mind I’m just going to quickly explain what the difference is. Maybe some of you don’t know about this, between Brent and Crude, but the idea is the they pretty much work the same. They move the same, their reactions are the sam. The big difference between them is that Brent is considered an international benchmark for the price of oil meaning that it’s mostly traded outside the U.S. and Crude is U.S. oil. So, for example, if I’m looking at oil inventories which is U.S, then of course, maybe i’ll prefer to trade crude; but the idea is that, folks, even if you decide to trade crude, even if you decide to trade Brent, Brent will react to a Crude movement. If you take a look at the charts, you are going to see that pretty much both of them move in the same direction. […] These two assets are very similar in their movements. There is +2, -2 dollar difference in them, but the movement of both of them is kind of the same because when Brent prices go up or crude prices go up, them the other producers, they are going to push the prices higher as well and the price difference between them as Paul said here (on the chart) is around two bucks. The main reason why there is a price difference is just because is just because the way both of them are produced. One is produced in Europe mostly and the other is produced in the U.S. There are transportation issues and maybe the texture may be a bit different; but they use it for the same stuff and that’s the reason why they move very very nicely together. So if you have an idea about trading Brent or Crude and you only have one of on the platform, then both of them are going to be pretty valid for your trading. So, i’m happy I could assist you with that. I want to go back to the presentation here. As I mentioned before, we got all these traded assets.

Advantages to trade with simple strategies

  1. Saves time
  2. Reduces complexity in trading
  3. Is a good step for beginners in trading- when you have a strategy folks, you just start going and going and going.
  4. Once learnt, traders can move towards more technical strategies
  5. Simplifies trading for those who trade for lesser time & expect higher returns
  6. Applicable for traders of any category – Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

Everyone uses strategies even if it’s beginners or advanced folks, everybody uses strategies.

So, I hope that you enjoyed this session about strategies, about simple strategies that we have here on BinaryOnline. All the strategies that I spoke to you about today, you can use the wonderful BinaryOnline platform and it’s going to accommodate all your trading for any amount, for any asset almost. We got the best trading tools here, if it’s the builder and the limits and the pairs and the one touch and the cfds, I mean every single strategy on the market, we can help you out with that. So, I think that’s also very very important. Last thing before you go, just want to remind you folks, we have a lot of demand for this. Time to put what we’ve learnt into practice at the Two Step Programme of course. This is receiving massive demand folks. Get in touch with your expert trader to know how you’re going to make the most out of this offer. It’s an amazing offer and I think that you guys are going to enjoy this very much. I’m not going to go too much in this; but this is exclusively tailored for special traders, special like you, Two Step Programme. Folks, you got to contact your account manager and ask him about this. Another thing that you can do, if you don’t have one, you can send an email to [email protected] and they can assign one to you. […]

That’s about it! Contact your account manager about the Two Step Programme. Thank you all for joining me, I’m going to see you next week, at the same time… we are actually going to change there from 07:00 PM GMT to 06:00 PM GMT. So folks, we are going to be here next time at one hour back. So, it’s not going to be the same time as now, it’s going to be one hour back. So, instead of 7 GMT it’s going to be 6 GMT.

Okay! Thank you all and see you next time. Byebye for now.

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