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Welcome to Binary Options 201, your next step to massive learning in effective binary options trading. We made it a must to provide the latest resources to help you master everything related to binary options, from defining your investment amount to managing risks.

How Much Should I Trade Per Day?

Binary options is subjective to the extent that it can result in huge losses or profits depending on how dedicated and knowledgeable you are in the field. Defining how often you need to trade per day is a thin margin between being greedy and knowing where to stop. Or should we say, making profits or losses.

Whether you are an expert in the field of binary options or just a beginner, there are some actual considerations you should cater for, before even trading. These constitute the foundation of any trader. Here they are:

  • How much can you afford in trading without disrupting your daily expenses?
  • Why are you trading? Is it because you want to meet the ends each month or just for fun?
  • Do you have the required knowledge to trade binary options? The probability for you to make profits is relatively low when you don’t have enough experience in the field.

If you are well aware of the above, you should invest in quality trades rather than quantity while not being led by your emotions. In fact, traders often cross the border of rational trading when they get swayed by their emotions and this has a negative effect over the trading outcome. Hence, it is recommended bet to trade well-researched and calculated trades rather than over flooding your account with wrong trades which will have high probability of resulting in losses.

How Do I Choose the Right Opportunities?

Choosing the right opportunities is one of the determining factors which makes the trader successful in his/her trades and also give a boost to his/her confidence level. Considering that markets will fluctuate at a constant or sometimes unpredictable rate, it is important for traders to opt for the right opportunities. There are different ways to spot and benefit from the right opportunities.

One needs to identify trades with high volume trend or movement. These are considered as the most stable ones and hence having less fluctuations in price levels. For instance, Gold is the preferred asset of novice traders as it is one of the most stable and tradedassetsOften called an underlying asset this refers to the type of item that you are trading on. Furthermore, traders should also identify the market sentiment and determine the trends associated to the opportunities.

The second point you need to consider is the returns you will get from your chosen opportunities. While some opportunities generate low returns others can help traders gain great profits. For instance, the currency pair EUR/USD carries an average of 75% of returns on investment while the USD/JPY carries an average of 82 % returns. However, regardless of the opportunities they opted for, traders also need to understand binary options and the different associated strategies to take wise decisions.

Opportunities often happen following one or a combo of the following:

A drastic change in the supply and demand for a particular product.

The release of a financial report

Environment calamities which affect the different assets and create opportunities for trading.

Finally, there are some opportunities, considered as mere fads which have a short time span. Here, traders need to stay alert after placing their trades. This is why most brokers are investing in creating mobile trading apps and other trading signals.

When Should I Trade?

Due to the unstable nature of assets and markets, it is quite difficult for traders to spot the right time frame to trade. Assets’ prices change within seconds and even if you are trading with a minimum of 5 minutes expiry time, it is difficult to predict the next definitive move of an asset.

The solution is to predict the future performance an asset following a long and strong trend. The only constraint is that traders need to have some patience. Most of the time, traders support their predictions with fundamental and technical analysis. Once you have spotted a strong trend, you need to look out for its trade volume which indicates how traders are reacting to this market.

How Do I Choose The Right Asset?

Besides knowing when to trade and how to seize the perfect trading opportunities, it is equally important to know which assets to trade. The first and foremost advice we often give to traders is to stick to what you know and gradually learn how to trade other assets. None is expert in his or her field but everyone can take advantage from past experiences.

As such, before adventuring in the unknown, take the time to learn more about the different categories of assets while also gaining profits from the ones you know already.

Hence, depending on your investment capabilities and your knowledge on binary options, you would eventually choose the asset which is profitable and stable enough with low risks.

Maximising Trading Income

Going beyond the just enough profits is what most traders are looking for. Indeed, binary options is also here to help traders make generous profits. However, this requires some efforts and hardwork. Maximizing trading income can be achieved through several means. Find some main points below.

Trading assets which you are comfortable with, is definitely one of the sure ways you can easily gain a higher income if you analyse their trends effectively. Besides, support your trades with sufficient learning and strategies. The reason why you should stick to the assets and tools you are comfortable is because it often takes more time to master a new tool, though it is subjective to traders.

Speaking on trading tools, it is often recommended to use more than one. If you are a novice trader you eventually have to learn how to use new tools while experienced traders should have a real master plan to trade and be versatile with different trading tools simultaneously. Each trading tool has its own specificities and requirements. Furthermore, the tools have different expiry times and potential payouts which, if applied correctly, can lead to high revenues for traders.

Added to these, are bonuses and promotions which often give a certain boost to the trading account. Your investment capabilities increase and as such, your trade volume also increases. However, most of the time traders will take bonuses for granted and spend less time analysing the market. The main reason is because losses will not directly affect their trading account and investment. Bonuses and promotions will help you gain more profits provided that you invest similar time and efforts in applying proper strategies to make them as profitable as possible.

Reminder About Risk

Binary options has changed how trading was initially done, thus triggering a lot of risks. The risks are real and can cause harm to both your private and professional life. One of the main downfall of traders is that they fall prey of scams. Scams are sometimes difficult to spot as they emulate real brokers. Besides checking their regulation status, there are other ways to choose the best and reliable broker. You may read more on our article to find out the common mistakes traders make.

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