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When it comes to binary options trading, some financial assets are more popular than others. At BinaryOnline, we are proud to offer a comprehensive list of financial assets sourced from around the world. In most cases, the assets are country specific and are only traded on the financial markets during the daytime business hours of the country of origin. However, given that we offer over 200 tradable assets, there are always trading opportunities available on our platform at any one point in time. For the convenience of our traders, we have divided our assets into four distinct classes: Currencies, Commodities, Stocks and Indices.


Currencies such as Euro versus U.S Dollar and U.S. Dollar versus Japanese Yen are among the most popular financial assets in the world of binary options. Trading with this particular asset class is simple and often lucrative, where traders capitalize on the rising of one market that can subsequently cause shifts in other currencies. Other financial assets that fall under this category are currency pairs such as Great British Pound versus U.S Dollar and U.S. Dollar versus Swiss Franc.

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In binary options trading, commodities like coffee, gold and oil are popular financial assets because the price movements in these markets can be studied through technical analysis. This is a good foundation for profitable trades, especially those with a lengthy expiry date. The only challenge is that commodity markets are sensitive to occurrences. For example, Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia account for the majority of the world’s coffee supply and prices are subject to political turmoil. Other financial assets that fall under this category include sugar and silver.

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Trading stocks in the binary options arena has many advantages. For a start, in binary options trading, traders do not actually purchase stocks. They merely make a prediction in regard to whether the price of a particular stock will rise or fall within a given period of time. This represents a larger window of opportunity to make profitable trades. Popular financial assets that fall under this category include Amazon, Apple, Google and Vodafone.

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A stock market index is a compilation of stocks that track a particular market. In the arena of binary options trading, many people prefer to trade indices rather than individual stocks and there are good reasons for that. For instance, when investing in an index, the trader gains exposure to all the companies in the index without buying into each individual company. Another benefit of trading indices is risk diversification. Popular financial assets that fall under this category include DOW, NASDAQ and FTSE 100.

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Asset Index

For ease of reference and a better understanding of our trading assets, BinaryOnline has put together an asset index for the currencies, commodities, stocks and indices that we offer. The index has a brief description of each asset and should bring you one step closer to starting a successful trading career.

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